Brighten Up a Dark Bedroom

From the Most Obvious to the Most Subtle

Dark Bedroom

Seven Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Bedroom

So youve just figured out that youre having trouble getting up in the morning because your bedroom is just too dark. Or perhaps youve attempted to brighten your room to no avail. If your boudoir is a little on the drab side, you can wake it up with just a few minor touches. The key is understanding how your space can be transformed with some simple detailed approaches

Paint the room a lighter color.

Clearly the easiest way to brighten up a bedroom is to lighten its walls. On an HGTV channel home make-over show, the host explained that potential buyers would be more receptive if the walls were painted in a more appetizing color. The walls themselves were not particularly dark; but the hue itself was drab. The host explained that by merely choosing a different hue, the entire mood of the room would be changed. The host was correct, and during a second showing of the home, the residents ended up with more potential buyers. Consider this option in your own bedroom, and marvel at the results!

Reconsider your light sources.

Sometimes merely understanding which direction light enters the room at certain times will help you to create a brighter image in the bedroom. Rearrange furniture so that it sits in the spotlight of the room. For instance, if you have a chair or chaise in a darkened corner, move it into an area where it receives more of the natural sunlight. But be mindful of fading, by not placing it directly into the path of the sun. (Blinds and shears will help deflect harsh sun light.)

Additionally, try altering the placement of your artificial light sources. If you have only one overhead bulb in your room, you can count on the light being dispersed in such a way that your bedroom appears drab. Experiment with softer bulbs and place floor lamps in the corners. Try using mirrors to help bounce the light around. You would be surprised at the difference even one lamp can make.

Add drapes.

In many cases, those who live in apartments choose not to paint the walls because of lease stipulations, or rental deposit issues. Most apartment developments offer light-colored (or white) mini-blinds for the window treatments. In spite of this, bedrooms can still appear quite dark. If you opt against painting, a great way to brighten the room is by adding drapery at the windows. Mind you, you neednt purchase the longest, most expensive set of drapes. In some cases, you can actually make the window dressings yourself. Visit a fabric store, buy a few hooks, and create a dressing that cascades over the top and sides of the window only. This is a simple way to provide colorful accents that will improve the bedrooms gloomy appearance.

Add an area rug.

A lot of people tend to overlook the floor as a decoration option for bedrooms. But rugs (even small ones) have an uncanny way of transforming a room. Ideally, the lighter the rug, the lighter your bedroom will appear. But dont focus so much on light colors, but rather complimentary hues that fall into your color scheme. Rugs with lots of bright designs or bold colors will provide yet another focal point for the eyes. It takes the emphasis away from dark walls, or small spaces, and creates a canvas out of your bedroom space.

Add art work.

Have you ever noticed that when youre moving out of a house or apartment, the minute you remove your hanging pictures, the room suddenly looks smaller? You would be surprised at how adding artwork can not only brighten the mood of a room, but also make it look larger. This is because you are providing the eye with multiple focal points, which takes attention away from a rooms smaller size.

Lighten up the furniture.

There are a few ways you can take this. First, you can literally lighten furniture by painting over it. Sometimes dark wood furniture can make a room appear heavy. Try swapping out the dark wood for lighter colored wood (pickled wood is a popular favorite.) Or try lightening up the room by selecting furniture made of alternate materials. Contemporary metals come in tons of designs; and the lines used in this kind of furniture can trick the eyes in many ways. In any event, simply changing the shape of furniture can brighten a bedrooms appearance.

Go green.

Many residents also fail to realize that by adding natural elements to their bedrooms, like houseplants, they can drastically change the appearance. If you dont have a green thumb, take the easy route by using silk or plastic plant/flower arrangements. Plants have a mysterious way of punctuating your current décor. It is also widely believed that merely having plants around (real or faux) enhances ones mood. That being said, a little green can go a long way in creating a cheerier bedroom.