Cottage Themed Bathroom Motif

Cottage Themed Bathroom Motif

Cottage Themed Bathroom Motif

Charming bathrooms are not just a thing of the past. A bathroom needs to be functional but that doesnt mean that it cant be charming. If you would like to decorate your bathroom in a cottage style décor motif, then apply these simple techniques to your design. To obtain a true cottage style bathroom theme, you have to be able to coordinate your decorative accessories in a way that is simple and country like. A cottage bathroom must have these three elements that stay true to the unifying motif: cottage prints, rustic furniture, and ornate accessories.

Cottage Prints Play a Big Role

Cottage prints and country style fabrics play a big role in bathroom design. Floral, striped, natural, and animal themes in soft pastel colors like white, pink, green and yellow provide softness and natural beauty for a cottage themed bathroom. Charming cottage bathroom design requires the use of soft and subdued prints to enhance the overall visual appeal. These country motifs can be used in a shower curtain or sink skirt design that is reminiscent of days spent in a rustic cottage. Coordinating patterned wallpaper or faux painting can also be used to emphasize the soft and natural elements of a cottage bathroom.

Rustic Furniture Adds Texture and Style

A charming cottage bathroom will have a completed look if small pieces of rustic furniture are added to the space. For example, a small decoupage shelf, rustic linen cabinet, or vintage vanity can all add texture and style to the bathroom. The visual appeal of cottage bathroom design rests on its shabby chic decorative elements. To add to the texture of a cottage bathroom, you can slightly distress the wood on a small vanity or medicine cabinet to make it look rustic and authentic. The simple addition of rustic furniture will solidify the cottage decorative appeal in your bathroom.

Ornate Accessories Bring it all Home

Cottage bathroom design just wouldnt be the same without a few ornate accessories to unify the look. Brass sinkaccessories like a soap dispenser or toothbrush holder can add an element of cottage charm to the room. A colorful display of flowers in a translucent vase, a silvery beaded clock, and charming hand towels will bring the entire decorative theme to completion. A cottage style bathroom is simple, rustic, elegant, and most of all totally charming. Applying these simple techniques will allow you to create a cottage themed bathroom that is feminine and ornately designed.