Hayward Pool Pumps: A Brief Overview

The pump really is the heart of your swimming pool and without it your pool would quickly be out of service. It drives your filter, keeps the water circulating, is a crucial component of the heater, and if you have a pressure side or suction side cleaner for sure either one of those is of no use without a pump in good working order.

Hayward pool pumps are quiet, energy efficient and have a long standing reputation for reliability which has propelled the brand into the coveted position of being one of most popular selling pumps on the market today. They’re also designed for easy installation too which makes them perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers.

In Ground Hayward Pool Pumps

Their Maxi-Flo II With its heavy duty motor and larger leaf holding capacity strainer basket was designed for larger pools. The elevated base on this model allows for greater airflow to keep it running cooler.

Hayward Pool Pumps

Hayward Pool Pumps: A Brief Overview

The TriStar Waterfall Was designed to move large volumes of water to accommodate built-in waterfalls. Its available in 75 gallon per minute capacity or a larger more powerful 120 gallon per minute capacity.

The EcoStar is one of their more affordable models, but even with its lower cost its still loaded with features. Features like variable speed that uses up to 90% less power than a standard one speed pump, and integrated programmable controller with built-in clock with eight timer speed setting options.

Above Ground Hayward Pool Pumps

Hayward Pro Series 16 Inch Above Ground Pool Sand Filter System with Pump is a complete pump filter system that combines superior performance and energy efficiency. It also features a wide selection of pumps, filter sizes and convenience accessories.

The Power-Flo Matrix was designed for heavy duty performance and versatility. This is a larger pump for larger pools and it features easy push-button interchange to quickly take it from vertical to horizontal discharge.

Hayward Pool Pumps Power-Flo LX Series is one of their newer lines of more affordable pumps that were designed for improved performance. They also combine advanced features like newer high-tech integrated corrosion proof technology.