Modern Kitchen Lighting

The days are gone when the kitchen was only considered as a place to cook food and wash dishes etc. This once dull space has become a lot more useful to individuals of the modern era. Now the kitchen is the heart of the house where people sit together for dining and spending some quality time together.

Kitchen Lighting

Modern Kitchen Lighting

Accordingly, while attention might have been paid to decor and lighting in other parts of the house such as the lounge and bedrooms for example, the kitchen was regarded as purely functional and often illuminated with quite harsh fluorescent tubes or similarly stark lighting. Practical perhaps, but appealing and inviting it most definitely was not.

These days however the idea of entertaining friends and family in the kitchen is no longer an alien concept. In fact most people prefer the informality (not to mention the aroma) and of course it also means that whoever is doing the cooking is no longer isolated from their guests. Perhaps we’ve just got more laid back over the years.

If however the lighting scheme in your kitchen is on the same old fashioned theme, then you may not be able to make the most of the area. The use of standard overhead lighting restricts kitchen users from fully utilizing areas of the kitchen which are below wall cabinets for example, because not enough lighting penetrates. Strategic placement of the lighting in the kitchen is very important for achieving better and easier functionality.

Kitchens that are built keeping in mind modern design elements and using contemporary features are full of interesting and eye catching shapes and curves. But to properly show of good design techniques also requires proper lighting that differentiates a mundane kitchen from a well built and attractive modern kitchen.

Use of lights under the cabinets can improve the visibility for performing tasks for example. Lots of money spent on the marble work may be of little worth unless the kitchen is illuminated by lighting that will make the natural sparkle in the marble reveal its full beauty.

In contrast to regular incandescent lighting, LED lights are lightweight, small, robust and barely warm to the touch which means you can fit them pretty much anywhere. LED spotlights and strips (thin flexible or rigid lengths of plastic with embedded LEDs) are a popular choice in many kitchens these days.

ideal lighting typeIn addition to high-tech LED lighting, don’t forget that more traditional elements such as simple pendant lights can be very effective for delineating key areas such as the kitchen table or an island unit. And just because you’re using loads of accent lighting it doesn’t mean you can entirely dispense with overhead lighting. A certain amount of ambient light will always be needed and recessed (LED) spotlights are a great alternative to the old fashioned fluorescent tube.

Choosing ideal lighting type for your kitchen

Listed below are the top and most popular types of lighting for your kitchen. They are:

  • Task Lighting: When it comes to which lighting type is ideal for your kitchen, this particular type of lighting, also referred to as functional lighting serves as the core lighting in your kitchen. It illuminates your kitchen so that you can do your cooking and other chores conveniently. It usually comes in the form of ceiling fan lights, florescent lights and other modernized sleek lighting designs.
  • Decorative Lighting: This type of lighting is mainly for adding style to your kitchen. Due to the decorative designs, it enhances the interior decor and design of your kitchen. It comes in the form of tubular glass lights which are known to come in handy if your kitchen has a stainless steel decor. We also have the pendant lights and buffet lamps which are strategically placed to illuminate and also beautify your kitchen.
  • Ambient Lighting: This type of lighting is known to create that welcoming and warm kitchen environment. It limits to a large extent, corner shadows within your kitchen and brings a unique type of warm glow in your kitchen. Is there any specific kitchen decor you want to highlight in your kitchen? Then the ambient light is what you need to do that.
  • Accent Lighting: Likened to decorative lighting, this type of lighting is used in areas of your kitchen that are to serve as focal points within the kitchen. It could be that glass cabinet where all your beautiful china collections are kept. Accent lighting goes a long way to light up the cabinet and make it a focal point in your kitchen. It also adds depth and space to your kitchen generally.

With all these lighting ideas, I am sure you will no longer feel lost as to which lighting type is ideal for your kitchen since you have the solution right in your palms. Go ahead and try these out and you will surely love them.

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