Rustic Gardening Containers from Galvanized Steel Tubs

Gardening containers create a mood for your landscape even before planted. For a rustic or farmhouse look, consider pressing galvanized steel tubs into service. Available in a variety of sizes, the tubs make great gardening containers for everything from a splash of flower color to a mini vegetable garden. So pick up some galvanized steel tubs from the store, a farmhouse auction, or around the house. Then follow these simple steps to prepare it for a new life as a rustic farmhouse gardening container.

Proper drainage being of to

Rustic Gardening Containers

Rustic Gardening Containers from Galvanized Steel Tubs

p priority, begin by punching several holes in the bottom of the galvanized steel tub. Place the tub upside down and drive a large nail partway into the bottom of the intended gardening container with a hammer. Remove the nail and repeat several times. For best drainage, space the holes somewhat evenly across the entire bottom of the steel tub.

While the nail holes provide excellent drainage, they are small enough to sometimes clog with pebbles or hard clumps of soil. To alleviate this, line the bottom of the gardening container with a piece of window screening cut to fit.

Leaving the steel tub au natural aligns well with the rustic look. However, you can personalize the gardening container with paint or stencils, too, for a more country cottage feel. The wide, flat expanse of steel between the upper and lower horizontal ridges might look beautiful painted a striking red, or stenciled with a favorite proverb. The lone word Simplify is quite popular too. Be sure to coordinate the gardening container with its intended surroundings. Gardening containers are most beautiful when they accentuate the area they are placed in and the plants placed in them.

After the paint dries but before adding soil, place your rustic gardening container in your landscape design. A soil-filled steel tub is heavy! Best to place it first, then fill with soil. And galvanized or otherwise, water can cause steel tubs to rust. Since rusty water stains concrete and wood, place the gardening container on a more resistant material, such as brick or soil. If the tub absolutely must be on concrete or wood, place a tray under it to catch any excess water.

Soil level should be about an inch below the lip of the galvanized steel gardening container. This prevents soil from washing over the edge and dirtying the tub and surrounding gardening elements.

Continue the rustic farmhouse feel by planting the gardening container abundantly. Then sit back and enjoy the beauty!