Towel Tree for a Rustic Bathroom

Natural Decor for Less

A rustic bathroom should include decor and amenities that coordinate with the style of the space, and a towel tree is a fantastic addition. It provides a natural support for towels, and it adds to the theme of the room. It can hold far more than a single towel bar, and it takes up very little space. As long as the bathroom floor is spacious enough to hold a large heavy planter, it will work to hold several towels.

Rustic Bathroom

Towel Tree for a Rustic Bathroom

I am in the process of searching for a vacation home near Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas, and I prefer a rustic cabin design. I have stayed in vacation rental homes that included a rustic bathroom with a towel tree instead of the typical bars. It is something that I plan on making for my rustic cabin bathroom, especially if it includes log walls. I would not want to attach anything to the wood using large nails or screws, and a towel tree is the ideal solution.

Necessary Supplies

To make a towel tree you will need a dead branch that is very sturdy. If possible, select a branch with loose bark or absolutely no bark. A dead birch branch is ideal since the bark can be peeled away very easily. You will also need a can of clear acrylic coating, a clean dry rag, a heavy glazed ceramic planter, a piece of duct tape to cover the drainage hole, plaster to fill the container, and pebbles, flat glass marbles or another decorative item to cover the plaster. If the branch does not have bark, you will also need fine grit sandpaper to give the towel tree a smooth clean finish.


Begin by covering the hole in the planter with a piece of duct tape. Next, prepare the dead branch of your choice. Whether it has bark or not, it should be sprayed with clear acrylic sealer after wiping it with a dry rag to clean away any dirt or debris. If it does not have bark, lightly sand the towel tree to remove any loose dirt, rough areas and debris. Follow product label directions for warnings and usage tips.

Next, mix enough plaster to just about fill the planter according to label instructions. With the help of another pair of hands, position the towel tree in the center of the planter. Pour the plaster around it while leaving two to three inches of space. Do not overfill the planter. Hold or prop the towel tree in place until the plaster dries completely.

Once the plaster is solid and completely dry, cover the top with a layer of anything desired. I would paint the plaster black or brown and cover it with a layer of pinecones for a rustic bathroom. Smooth stones or flat glass marbles can also be used to add eye catching appeal.

Hang bathroom towels from the sturdy branches. A single towel tree can easily hold three to five bathroom towels. It will look great in a rustic bathroom while serving a very valuable purpose.