Tropical Home Decoration in Balinese Style

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Tropical Home Decoration in Balinese Style

One of the inspirations for the tropical home decoration is the Balinese style. Basically this style refers to the specific housing style in Bali that is one of the many islands located in tropical area of Indonesia. Even from the entrance gate the Balinese accent is visible with the presence of two entrance doors. Just like in Bali that mostly the houses will be having two entrances. One entrance will be huge for cars and there will be one more small entrance that is simply for the people.

Tropical home decoration is characterized by the warm and cozy feeling inside. The warm feeling is obtained through the choice of paints for the wall using lighter color such as yellow and light brown. Such colorful accent often found in the tropical houses as well. It is simply achieved by using more colors for the furniture such as green colored sofa in companion of the yellow wall along with colorful traditional stained glass for the windows for example. Traditional masks are often be used as decorative items on this tropical interior design as well.

Furthermore small pieces of decorations are also essential part of the Balinese style as the tropical home decoration. Small pieces of decoration such as photos of families and friends, vases, cups and other things are commonly placed on top of a carved wooden cabinet with traditional look as well. Although they are small pieces yet they could add significance to the decoration.

Wooden furniture pieces are usually used in this Balinese style of tropical home decor ideas as well to enhance the traditional accent of it. There will be no such modern furniture pieces made out of steel in this Balinese style. Carvings on the wooden furniture are also important part of the decoration as well. Those are the basic things regarding the Balinese style as one of the tropical home decoration.